Revenue Cycle & AR Management

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835 - HFM Enterprise

835 Healthcare Financial Management [HFM] combines the latest technology with intelligent solutions for successful integration.

835 - HFM Repair

Whether you are a Hospital, Clinic, CAH or Physician Based provider not all 835 files come compliant for your posting needs… see how HFM Repair can be used when the data you've received is unusable.

835 - CSI
Claim Status Inquiry:

Knowing before you’re told.

Using CSI you can unlock account status tracking, monitoring and claim correction the day after your claims are sent.

835 Enterprise Reporting


Dashboards, KPI's, and Report Cards

835 - ECM
Electronic Content Management

Having storage issues? Let ECM turn your paper obstacles into a safe secure path, where access is just a ‘click’ away.

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Revenue Cycle & AR Management

  1. EHI – 835 Enterprise
  2. EHI – 835 Enhance
  3. EHI – RT-CSI Real Time Claim Status Inquiry

EHI – 835 Enterprise

Upon establishing an engagement with your Facility we will create an implementation guide to map out all required data feeds. We will work as your personal EDI Liaison for all data configuration and set-up; providing you and your vendors with a Secure File Transfer Protocol site [SFTP].

EHI Enterprise begins with up-front preprocess validation.  We offer customized Multi-level Verification Services; which allows us to streamline the cash posting process over multiple Host Systems for seamless individual RA reconciliation start to finish.

All initial posting specifications are gathered during the Configuration phase of set-up.  Our Analytic and Development team work closely together to create your customized posting logic based on data previously received.   We use state of the art reporting along with virtual posting which allows your staff to preview and approve real time ‘Test/Validation Posting’ before it is moved into production.

Exception/Fallout reports are generated with all pertinent information needed for manual posting. Reports are formatted and designed for quick-flowing data entry input. Fallout Reason Codes are generated as agreed upon and included per account line giving the end user the reason why the 835 post failed.

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EHI – 835 Enhance

Frustrated by ‘non-universal’ universal electronic remittance advice files?

If you’re receiving electronic payment information that you cannot post automatically, we have a solution for you and your file. 835 Enhance addresses incomplete electronic payment data that results in manual posting, by creating a completed 835 that can be used for automated posting.

We can ‘Enhance’ incomplete 835 data sets by addressing a variety of payer specific proprietary anomalies.

Why process manually what you can enhance and post electronically?

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EHI – RT-CSI Real Time Claim Status Inquiry

Claim Status Inquiry is a secure web based application designed to work as your up-front visibility to the life cycle of your Medicare Part A & B claims. CSI allows daily review of all claims submitted to Medicare for claim follow-up. Not only does CSI have the ability to set-up work queues for your A/R staff members, it also contains integrated ‘on-the-fly’ Eligibility Verification for Patient Registration staff.

Claim Status Inquiry provides a variety of summary and detail reporting. Using CSI reporting enables Providers to analyze numerous aspects of claim status data including claim volumes, submission volume by providers, claim type volumes, rejection percentages and more.

CSI advanced Search and Sort capabilities offer the user opportunity to review claims by:

  • NPI [Facility and Physician]
  • Denied Reason
  • Reject Reason
  • Denied Date
  • Paid Date
  • Submitted Date
  • Service Date
  • Submitted Amount
  • Patient Name and more

Claim Status Inquiry also offers:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Workflow Manager
  • Real-time RTP claim interaction and correction
  • ADR Coversheet capabilities
  • PFS Host System Notes and Activity integration

Call today to schedule your product demo of Claim Status Inquiry.

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